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Our Courses

We have followed a modular design concept in the framing of our courses and it's content, so that people can be accomodated at different levels according to their existing knowledge, and thus save on Time and Money !

Modular Course design:

                        12 Volt Basic Electricals (2Months) – (Total Cost 60k + GST)

Lateral entry is possible into any Level after passing an  online entrance exam on (

                         Level 1: Terminologies (2Weeks) – (Cost 15k + GST)

                         Level 2: Wiring check process (1 Week) – (Cost 7.5k + GST)

                         Level 3: Auto Management System (1 Week) – (Cost7.5k + GST)

                         Level 4: Strategic Wiring Diagram reading (2 weeks)–(Cost 15k + GST)

                         Level 5: Advanced Auto Diagnostic skills (2 Weeks)- (Cost 15k + GST)


                         12 Volt System Diagnostics - Coaching (2 Weeks) - (30k + GST)


                         High Voltage Expert – Coaching (2 Weeks) - (60k + GST)

Basic electricals - Online/ Face 2 Face


Level 1
1.Prefix and Conversion
2. Voltage
3. Current
4. Resistance
5. Voltage drop
6. Battery and Types of Batteries
7  Capacitors
Level 2
1. Series and Parallel connection of wiring
2. Series and Parallel connection of Batteries
3. Series and Parallel connection of Capacitors
4. Voltage drop method
5.Wiring check procedure
Level 3
1. Management System basics
2. Identification of components
3. Types of Sensors and Actuators
Level 4
1. Types of Power supplies
2. Major circuit Terminals
3. Logical reasoning while reading wiring diagram
Level 5
 1. How to collect data
2. How to connect the dots
3. How to make a strategy

Future Courses

Content for future courses !

Future Courses

Content for future courses !

12 Volt System Diagnostics - Coaching 

Practicals will done on the car with diagnostic complexity going from simple to complex.

The Trainer will identify the faults committed by the students and coach on how to approach any given problem in a systematic way

High Voltage Expert - Coaching

Content will be shared during Counselling !

Future Courses

Content for future courses !

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
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