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                                                          Let me tell you why i started this Academy in the first place !

                                                          Ever since i started my career way back in 1999 as a Technical Trainer for Automotive Servicing , i realized that i had an inherent ability to make people understand concepts easily in an intuitive manner, and this also gave me huge amount of self satisfaction.

                                                         However, it was too early at that point of time to continue as Trainer, as i was only a beginner in the vast field of Automotive Servicing. So i started working as a Technician and went on to work on various premium international brands as shown in the video above.


                                                         During my struggling years in the beginning there was always a shortage of good institutes for Automobile passionate people like me. And also there was hardly any Mentor to guide me.  I learnt new things on my own and grew up the hard way in my career.

                                                   Now after 25 years , i observe that, this still holds true today ! Although there are a huge number of Institutes, Academies, Training Centres and Colleges in the country, there are just a few places in the country where you can " REALLY" learn this Automotive Servicing trade propely.

                                                                Why so ?

Because, either the courses are too costly and lengthy with hardly any relevance to what is required in the market or even if the course is relevant, the Subject Matter Experts are not upto the mark, either lacking in experience or lacking in knowledge, leaving a vacuum in the heart of the highly eager to learn passionate people, who want to pursue there choice of Automobile Servicing.

                                                I realized that it's my time now to change this scene and be the change, that i want to see in the market ! It's my turn now to do something about it ! I know, i have the passion, the knowledge and the experience of a lifetime ! So, why not do it myself, instead of waiting for someone else to do it ?

                                               I decided, that i will give my fellow Technicians and aspiring candidates the latest in Automotive Technology at a very nominal price and that too in the minimum amount of time. Which will then give them the much needed confidence to face the tough competitive world and make a good life for themselves where ever they are, both in the country and abroad !


Redefining the Way 
Training is done 

For people who are passionate about cars and who are particular about being Hands- On in the EV revolution and scaling to new heights in the shortest possible time - This is the right place to  be !

Kick start your career in the EV segment with us !

We train you to become Hands- On EV specialist for cars in the shortest possible time of 3 Months !

All you need is basic 10th std level education, basic aptitude and intelligence !


Our Journey So Far



On July 5th 2023 the Academy got officially incorporated !


Startup India Company

on 14th February 2024 after a lot of struggle we got our GST Registration and subsequently on 23rd February 2024 we got recognition as a Startup India Company !


Mahadev Auto Academy In The Press

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